You are visiting an Attraction who is a GoVisitPartner

What does that mean for you as a guest ? 

Download GoVisit free, sign up, an when you arrive to the attraction, it will be shown on the home view. 

You can also find the attraction before your visit, and prepare you self - favorite events from the program. 

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Check In

Live Program
Live Customer Service

& Live Offers


the activities, and get a reminder 15 minutes before start.


the place, and get generel updates in the future.


updates on activities, news and offers directly on your phone during your stay. 


Use the search function to find attractions in the nearby area.


your chosen attractions in advance of your stay, and find them when you arrive. 



in certain areas you can also find events. 


You can also use GoVisit to find your next experience !





Enjoy and have a nice holiday


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